Doctor Underbuild is the evil twin of Doctor Overbuild. He was born on August 18 1959 when a tree branch was struck by lightning and hit his house. It gave him a lot of power but his family was gone forever. Doctor Overbuild was his good twin but had disappeared after his family died, Doctor Overbuild was with Baron Typhonus after Baron found him lost. Baron became Overbuild's father but after 40 years, everything had went bad. Baron had became the Maelstrom Overlord after his beloved creation, the Spider Boss, was made. Doctor Overbuild was really upset after the time they had spent all their years. Underbuild was with the Maelstrom, he was known as the Darkitect's Apprentice and had spent all his life with Duke Exeter but he was very naughty and disobeyed Duke. Once he became 19 he ran away and found Captain Haelstorm who was his real father. After 21 years, he left and found Baron and persuaded him to join him and take over Imagination. Baron refused so Underbuild struck him with lightning and forced him. Baron became the Co-Overlord of Imagination, Underbuild made his first Maelstrom creation accidentally by infecting a Maelstrom Scientist Expert (Grim Daisho) and made him a powerful Dark Ronin. All was going bad, today Underbuild remains making more evil plans on conquering the entire Universe. He also is planning on making a Maelstrom Dinosaur.

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