The room is filled with energy as a dozen or so conversations wage between a full crowd. Figs all decked out in their best gear all mingle about waiting for the assembly to begin. The room is perfect match for the ocupents, with four slitly different areas, but all containing chairs that rise the further away from the stage at the bottom. Facing from the stage, the left being cast more in shadows with eerie purple lights and figs that all seem to be a little secretive, keeping to the shadows with only a few actuly interacting with the other sections. A little to the right are figs that seem more open to interacting, almost all ingaged in conversation, but at a resonable volume, some gathered around a giant oak tree in the center of the seats. Further right are a jolly bunch just catting away, seeing who could jump successfully between the two small, tropical trees in their section and the oak tree across the steps seperatinng the sections. The last section at the far right were chatting about there latest creations and showing off their blueprints and models. the group were all part of the Nexus Force.

The Nexus Force located there is quiet small compaired to the groups stationed on the small planet chunks of Crux. Planet Triax is a nice sized planet a few galaxies away from the planet chunks. With just thirty-one members they are highly under-steffed for a whole planet. Lucky for them there is hardly any presence of maelstrom on the planet. Their offical name is the Nexus Force Alpha Forward Base, Their job is to be ready to be called to arms in case the maelstrom invades planet Triax. They are one of twenty-five forward bases put in place to protect the populated planets around the planet chunks.

An important meeting is taking place.

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